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The Myles Standish Society Genealogy Project

This Genealogy Project is an online shared TNG family tree that chronicles individuals who share Pilgrim Capt. Myles Standish as an ancestor. The project uses the 100 year rule, and data on those individuals has been removed. This project will also include a non-inclusive tree of descendants of Thomas Standish of Wethersfield, CT.

Those with Standish ancestral connections can use this site to further their Standish genealogical research, and discover their relationship to other Standish descendants. Anyone can do a Search without registering or logging in, however a Guest search may not display all information available.

The Myles Standish Society Genealogy Project is a work-in-progress, new lines will added occasionally.
I hope you will find the tree not only interesting but also helpful, I will appreciate your comments, you may contact me at:  SMSD

The sources provided refer to information found in the Mayflower MFFG Silver books or in GSMD approved membership lineages. Only verified & documented lineages will be allowed to be included in the tree. There are some individuals where information and a source has not been added as of this date.
The Genealogy Project will open in a new browser TAB.

To view the TNG Myles Standish Society Genealogy Project click here ->  Descendants of Myles Standish

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The Myles Standish DNA Project


To join the Myles Standish DNA project you will need to have a valid DNA Kit number at FamilyTreeDNA, and be a member of the Myles Standish Society, or a member of the Mayflower Society, with a proven line to Mayflower passenger Myles Standish.

The Myles Standish DNA project is located at:
Pedigrees are posted at this link: Pedigree results
The Standish - Y-DNA Colorized Chart at FTDNA results are posted at this link: yDNA results

If you meet the above qualification for joining the DNA project, log into your FTDNA account and under Myprojects filter for Myles Standish and you will see the link to do a join request. After I receive your join request I may ask you a couple of questions and then I will approve your request to include you in the project. Please mention your GSMD member national number as that will speed up the approval process.

For additional information please contact
Mike Terry
Myles Standish DNA Project Administrator
Mayflower DNA Project Administrator